WAR in the PARK

The War in the Park was a war that, appropriately enough, took place in the Park and Main Street. It was held by Luigi DaVinci and Demolicious in order to determine the fate of the statue of Pandora.


The war was started by Luigi DaVinci who wanted to use the Pandorian Malachite in order to revive his presumably deceased brother. Along with the help of his Destroyers, robots that worked for him, he marched into the Park and attempted to get to the statue of Pandora, which he believed held the Pandorian Malachite inside of it.

Demolicious, saw DaVinci invading the Park, and, with the help of her Demo Divas, Jetpack Patrolmen and the Automated Police Bots, fought against him in order to make sure the statue of Pandora was safe.

War progressEdit

At the start, the war counter moved steadily and swiftly in favor of DaVinci. However, at 71%, the war counter turned stale, and many people got bored and stopped fighting in the war. For about a week, the war counter remained at 71% in DaVinci's favor.However Demolious's percentage went up to 35%.


DaVinci wins but it seems there was no good side in the war, Demolicious just wanted the malachite to sell it for medisine for her father.

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