Welcome to HeroSmash Wiki. We, no matter what anyone may say, are about something. No, really.

What are we about?Edit

We are about HeroSmash. If you've only just figured that out, well done. Have this hat. Don't mind the giant D imprinted on it, its a lovely hat.

What is HeroSmash?Edit

HeroSmash is Artix Entertainment's sixth, fifth, whatever game, and their second MMORPG. It is about superheroes. See the article on HeroSmash for more information. If you find it lacking then free feel to edit it to include whatever information you want it to include because, hey, this is a wiki.

What exactly do we do?Edit

We write about it. That's what we do.

When there's a NPC whose mother was eaten by a Wumba Munga, or if HeroSmash explodes and has to shut down instantly or else the world will implode, we will write about it. Most can get the general gist, but for more information on what a wiki actually is, you might want to try Google. They're pretty good at finding out pages things like that. Alternatively, you could always read the paragraph below, if randomly searching the internet in the mere hopes you might find something doesn't appeal to you.

This is, of course, ripped off from Wikipedia:

A Wiki is a collection of interlinked web pages, each of which can be visited and edited by anyone at any time. You can even edit the page you are reading right now: just
click "Edit this page" somewhere on this page!

But of course it would be much appreciated if you would go to the sandbox first. Self-editors are assumed to be knowledgeable and responsible.

This is a collaborative website, expanding as new people add pages about their interests, comment on old pages, etc.

Wise words.

Read thisEdit

Of course, you may understand what this wiki is. People always think they do. However people make many mistakes and, hey, that's okay, all people do. But to try and stop some of these mistakes, read the following article, or you shall be eaten by a EatyZard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May your wiki days be happy. Now go off and edit, or something.

And would it kill ya to read up on some of our policies?Edit

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