Vital statistics
First build Version 0.0001
Release date 7th December 2010 (Alpha Test)
Unreleased (in full)
Status Beta
Owned by Artix Entertainment

HeroSmash, formerly known as SuperHeroQuest, is the sixth game made by Artix Entertainment, as well as their second MMORPG.

Alpha TestEdit

"Both registration (Phase I) and alpha play testing (Phase II) are now open. Which means we are literally up to our eyeballs in bugs! ... no really, literally."

Alpha Testing began on 7th December 2010. It is open only to those have an active membership on AdventureQuest Worlds, though any other user with both a BattleOn! Master Account and an upgrade on any other of Artix Entertainment's games may create a character.Alpha testing III began to allow anyone who had supported any battleon game in any way to play the game.Beta testing will be available for everyone from 28th April 2011 onwards.

Naming controversyEdit

"I am not sure why no one ever really stood up to them before..."
SuperHero Quest

The original logo for the game.

While the game was originally called something else, DC and Marvel complained to Artix Entertainment, claiming that they had joint copyright over the word "SuperHero". Artix Entertainment renamed the game, but Adam Bohn wrote a letter of complaint to DC and Marvel, saying that "SuperHero" is was a very common, generic word.[1]

It is unknown what Marvel and DC's response was to the letter, or if they have received it at all.

Other wikisEdit


  1. "Super Hero-ing Time!". Artix. November 17, 2010.

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