WAR in the PARK

Aurora Park, often simply known a the Park, is a location in HeroSmash. It held the first war, the War in the Park.


The first missions are about a battle between Luigi DaVinci and Demolicious over the Pandorian Machalite, which is in the Statue of Pandora ( that female statue in the background ).

What to do in the missions -

Mission 1 - Kill 10 of the enemy's minions. Recieve 50 good/bad ( g/b ), minus opposite rep, and 100 each of fame and xp.

Mission 2 - For DaVinci, you must gather 7 metal casing and 4 hardened gaskets. For Demolicious, you must defeat 9 truck raiders. Either way, head over to Eolon's Electronics. For Demolicious, go to Liberty Square, and head left twice. You should see a Mechanics Truck and a few guys named Truck Raiders with chainsaws. Defeat 9 of them. For DaVinci, go to the aforementioned place and beat up Mechanics trucks for required items. As a reward, recieve 200 g/b and minus other rep, and 100 each of fame and xp.

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