50px Welcome to the Hero Smash Wiki! September 21, 2017
by Hero Smash Wiki Staff

Hello, and welcome to the Hero Smash Wiki! While we're getting pages done, feel free to browse around the site to check what we currently have. If you see something that need to be fixed or added, let us know, or register and add it in for us!

Be sure to read The Rules before editing and creating pages to avoid any problems for yourself, and our staff.

If you have any questions, or need any help, feel free to contact a Staff Member, or see if you can find what you need on our Getting Started, Editing Help, Help, or FAQ pages.

We are working on lots of features for the game. Here are a few of our favorites :-)

  • Web Based MMO (Flash)
    Play instantly in your web browser with thousands of other players. No downloads or installs!
  • Flying
    ALL players can fly at level 5!
  • Anything Goes Skills & Powers
    In Development: Mix and match super powers to build your hero or villain any way you want. Level up and gain access to new types of powers. (The very first test will be limited to auto attack)
  • Scrolling Backgrounds
  • Good & Evil Factions
  • New Original Stylized "Vinyl" Characters
  • Facial Customization
    Our first game that lets you alter your eyes, nose, mouth, mask, markings (like scars, tattoos, and skin texture), and you can also replace your head with a helm/morph.
  • Player Driven Storyline
  • Ability to wear underpants on the wrong side of your super suit... FOR JUSTICE!
  • .... and for all of you AQWorlds players who like your ranged weapons.... *coughs* Hi Neb! *coughs* YES -- there will be ranged weapons.

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