For a list of all NPCs, weapons, etc. in the Alpha Test, see List of everything in the Alpha Test.
Alpha Test
Version 0.0001
Vital statistics
First build Version 0.0001
Release date 7th December 2010
Status Live
Owned by Artix Entertainment

The Alpha Test of HeroSmash started on 7th December 2010. It is unknown when the Alpha Test will end and when Phase 3, featuring all players with upgraded accounts in any of Artix Entertainment's games, will start.


Phase 1Edit

"To make sure you get your first pick of character names, character creation will be open to EVERYONE who has supported our previous games"
―Alpha Testing (Happening NOW!)[src]

Phase 1 was released at the same time as Phase 2. It allowed all those who had both a BattleOn! Master Account and had upgraded in any of Artix Entertainment's other games, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel and AdventureQuest Worlds.

Phase 2Edit

"Obviously, there is not enough room for everyone, and since this is an MMO built on AQWorld's engine and resources, the most fair thing to allow do is limit this phase to players with active AQWorlds Memberships."
―Alpha Testing (Happening NOW!)[src]

Released at the same time as Phase 1, Phase 2 allowed those who had an active membership in AdventureQuest Worlds to play the Alpha Test of HeroSmash. When the Alpha Test first started it had three zones, Liberty Square, Main Street and Aurora Park. There was a war going on at the time.

Phase 3Edit

"Once the game is stable, we will open up multiple servers and begin Phase 3 where everyone who has supported us in the past will be invited to participate in the ALPHA."
―Alpha Testing (Happening NOW!)[src]

Phase 3 has yet to be released, though it has been confirmed that all upgraded players in Artix Entertainment's other games will be able to play during this phase.

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